Scott McReynolds

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My awareness of the beauty of nature began at a very young age when my family moved to California when I was about 11 years old. I started spending extensive time at local beaches, the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, Yosemite National Park and the desert areas. These diverse locations were my original sources of inspiration and where I fell in love with natural landscapes and wildlife.


Exploring the outdoors and photography is more than just a hobby… it’s my passion! I find myself hiking through extreme terrain and travel far from the beaten path to find the setting for my next photograph. I study certain areas that I find interesting and return to that location several times to discover when it is at its most brilliant. Sometimes that moment comes after a heavy snowstorm, during the blazing summer, or just as the sun begins to rise. Whether the shot is simply beautiful or absolutely stunning, my goal is to capture nature at the perfect moment in time.


Photography is my creative outlet, where I can experiment without any restrictions or guidelines. While I enjoyed the creative freedom and even though nature photography fits well with my other interests like backpacking, fishing, hiking, and skiing, I shoot landscapes to capture the beauty of nature so that others may appreciate it the way I do. I hope that through my lens, the viewers will gain more respect for our natural world and strive to preserve it.


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