If you missed my previous little intro because you were too busy looking at the pretty photos, YAY! and I forgive you ;)


My name is Sara, born and raised in Tunisia, I grew up speaking English, French and Arabic. And yes I dream in all 3. I’ve inherited my love for photography from my grandma, which I didn’t grow up with so it must have been in my genes ... Literally every inch of every wall of my room had a photo taped to it. And my mom still has those photos.


Travel has also always been a passion of mine early on. Doesn’t matter if it’s a 16 hour flight to go discover an exotic island or a 6 hour drive to explore a small town, I am always down for anything, no planning necessary. In my book, the less the plans, the better the adventure.


So if your dream is to wake up at sunrise to say I do, surrounded by mountains, wearing hiking boots or barefoot, or heels if you are really feeling daring, I am your girl. Sunset works too :) I am a sucker for both. I also go gaga for anything related to lakes, caves, canyons, rivers, big trees and wild beaches.


So pick a location that makes your heart beat a little faster, pack a pretty dress or a nice suit, a jumpsuit or a bikini, and I will be there, ready to document those sweet moments of pure love and emotion, perhaps a few tears, and those in-between kisses and giggles.


Make sure you also pack a towel, just in case we get a little wet in the process. I will pack the sparklers!

Hi, I'm Sara


Besides, traveling and photographing couples in love, I love everything related to food. I love to cook, I love to eat, I am completely addicted to vanilla/vanilla frosting wedding cake and I must admit, I am IN LOVE with French Fries. Like a real love story.I am also in love with my hubby. He will tell you I married him for his cooking skills, but it’s not true. It was purely for his good looks, the cooking was just an added bonus. Also the fact that he once drove 14 hours in the dead winter to see the Niagara Falls for about 24 hours after we missed our flight kind of sealed the deal. I am not sure how adventurous he was before me, but he has definitely adapted very nicely to not having a hotel or Airbnb booked until the morning of, sometimes even the night of.


I have been to over 42 countries and have a travel blog, but I am completely incapable of telling you my favorite destination. Maybe it's because I am a libra and libra's are indecisive ... or maybe it’s because I am always itching to discover something new. So when people ask me what is my favorite destination, my answer is very cliche and annoying, but I promise it is the truth: my favorite destination is my next destination.


Now the real question is where are you taking me?

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xoxo, Sara