For the Wild, the Adventurous, and  the Romantic

“Love is the food of life, Travel is dessert.”

Photos are the cherry on the top, and yes I invented that last part -:)

Hi, I'm Sara

Half Tunisian, Half American, I've loved photography since I was about 5 years-old - my room was legit covered with photos of my friends from corner to corner - you can ask my mom :-)  Whether you want to hike to the top of a mountain, roam the desert or just chill at home, I will capture your precious love so you can hold onto those memories forever.

Based in so-Cal at the moment, my hope is to one day live in a cabin, with my own horse, or maybe two, who is counting? But you know, not without high speed Wifi of course, and an airport nearby 'cause life without travel is just not life for me.

I've Been to 40+ countries so far and of course my bucket list is always growing. If you also love to travel, you know the struggle :) So wherever it is that you are thinking about eloping, I would love to hear from you. I've either been there or it's on my bucket list - or it will be after our conversation - and I would love to help you plan.

Besides photography & travel, food is my other big passion in life. I could live off French Fries and Cotton candy, and I take my wine and cake very seriously. And yes I think wine and cake is a great combination.

So if it seems like we should be best friends in real life, or you know, that we have some stuff in common, Hit me up!

xoxo, Sara

Eloping is making the day you say I DO all about you, and when I say you , I mean you as a couple, doing exactly what you want to do, without worrying about a rigid timeline or logistics for another hundred people: no stress, no drama, no expectations, just love.


Your elopement can be as adventurous as you want it to be and involve a sunrise hike or it can be at sunset in your own backyard. You can choose somewhere meaningful to your relationship or hop on a plane to discover a new continent together as your first day as husband and wife. Sky’s the limit! Pun intended :)


And if you have no clue what you want yet, that’s ok too. When you hire me, you get an all-inclusive package: you hire a photographer, but also a planner, a travel agent and guide, and a cake connoisseur ˜cause I take cake super seriously and elopements deserve cake too, am I right? or am I right?

All you need to start planning your DREAMY & STRESS-FREE INTIMATE ELOPEMENT below

What is Eloping?

"We decided to elope at 5 am at the Griffith Park Observatory. Sara was all for it. She was there before us, scouting the location. She was all smiles at that time of the morning and 40 degrees weather. She made us smile. We didn't feel rushed at all. She was so patient and professional and she delivered our amazing sneak peeks in 3 days and delivered our package within three weeks, much faster than the contract said. Every single picture was beautiful. We always get so much compliments on our photos. Thank you Sara for capturing our day so beautifully."



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