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With every treasure you purchase, we will donate 5% to the A-T Children's Project
our inspiration

Meet Jennifer Powell. Jennifer is Nicole's sister-in-law and the force behind mahal marketplace. Jennifer was diagnosed with Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T) before she was ten years old.  A-T is a rare genetic disease that causes progressive loss of muscle control, immune system issues and symptoms that affect daily living. Many people do not know about A-T and even more are unaware that there's no cure for this debilitating disease.

Nicole has been and always will be amazed at Jennifer's genuine kindness and gratitude for the best and most important things in life - family, friends and being a good person. Jennifer has one of the purest souls on the planet, and embodies everything that mahal marketplace stands for - kindness, gratitude and a love for "paying it forward." 

It is our goal to bring awareness to A-T and raise money to help find a cure. When you make a purchase at mahal marketplace, you not only save a once valued treasure from being forgotten, but you're also supporting our mission to release more loving energy into the universe through fruitful and charitable acts. At mahal marketplace, we believe that positive thoughts and intention yield positive results. Even the smallest of contributions make a big impact on the universe. Join us!