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Orders Management

Home health agencies unknowingly waste an immense amount of time sending, receiving, uploading, and tracking orders. This is time that could be used for tasks more imperative to your practice. Intelicare 360’s orders management solution is designed to eliminate wasted time created by manual order processing. Through the digitization of this process, your agency not only securely sends and receives orders, but it also maintains an electronic record of each order. Barcoding technology has allowed us to provide you with real time tracking of your orders.



  • Improve communication with ordering physician

  • Increase quality of patient care & satisfaction

  • Reduce reimbursement period

  • Increase cashflow

  • Gain more referrals

Medical Supply Management

Home health agencies spend a large amount of money on medical supplies on an annual basis. Due to the lack of infrastructure, home health agencies do not get reimbursed by major payers for ordered supplies. Intelicare 360’s medical supply management solution allows your agency to efficiently navigate the heavy burden of documenting individual supplies into your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system.



  • Efficiently meet patient needs - Attain a better overview of medical supply allocation

  • Obtain reimbursements by major HMO’s

  • Increase profit margins

  • Minimize waste

Revenue Cycle Management

5-day Request for Anticipated Payment (RAP) submissions have made agencies high risk targets for heavy financial penalizations. Our revenue cycle management solution takes care of claim submissions 24/7 365 days of the year. Have peace of mind and eliminate penalizations from late RAP submissions and other continuously changing regulations. Once a very tedious and stressful task, is now completed in a few simple steps.



  • Avoid financial penalizations

  • Increase cash on hand

  • Reduce cash collection periods

  • Streamline billing processes

Reports Management

Staying up to date on reports is a challenging and time consuming task. If reporting procedures are mistakenly broken, your agency may be subject to heavy penalizations. Our aim is to eliminate those fears and unnecessary expenses. Our reporting solution ensures your agency is generating and filing reports in a timely manner to meet the expectations of the home health industry.



  • Achieve seamless report submissions

  • Stay compliant

  • Attain efficient human resource allocation

Management Consulting

Intelicare 360 strives to provide a meaningful platform that allows your home health agency to flourish and reach its goals. Our highly trained team has a passion for solving problems specific to your home health agency. Through an in depth analysis of your organization, our team identifies opportunities to maximize your efficiency and increase profit margins. It can be difficult to identify issues within an organization when you are engrained in daily operations. By allowing Intelicare 360 to evaluate your business, you gain a bird’s eye view of your agency from an objective perspective.


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